When We Know Better


This year’s BAFTAs were all about sustainability, from how people were encouraged to travel to the event to most importantly….how they dressed. Attendees were given a sustainable fashion guide from the London College of Fashion that had tips and a list of brands to shop. They were also encouraged to wear something they had already worn before. (Something we peons know a thing or two about.)

Only a handful of celebrities embraced the challenge, most notably Kate Middleton who re-wore a dress a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress. Celebrities that have access to beautiful vintage pieces and luxury designers that are making eco and ethical strides opted for “standard” couture and runway collections. Celebrities that have a giant platform simply through the way the dress chose to go with the “status quo.” Rebel Wilson even made a joke about the theme in her albeit very funny speech.

Image result for kate middleton bafta 2020

I am not going to deny that I am disappointed by the nonexistent or lackadaisical efforts made by celebrities that frequently tout the importance of making better decisions for the sake of the environment. Never mind the hypocrisy and sheer waste of the industry. I am simply saddened that we (people that talk about the outfits the next day/week casually at the office etc…) were robbed of the wonderful discussion that sustainable fashion is just as kick-ass or better than “regular” clothing.

However, I don’t think the masses rely on celebrities to dictate their purchasing decisions. I know that real change comes from people all over the globe making smarter choices about what they buy and wear (again and again.) Just because celebrity name did not rise to the challenge of being more sustainable certainly does not mean that we can’t either. There are numerous brands that are adopting more sustainable and ethical practices/policies in how they make their clothing as well as countless ways to re-style our current wardrobe.

I challenge you to show these celebrities how it is done and start dressing in a more sustainable way. Start small and make better choices that you know you can maintain for the long haul. Maybe it is repurposing items, shopping secondhand, buying less, and/or purchasing something sustainable and ethical when you need that new item in your wardrobe.

I also want you to look over the guide shared earlier and let me know what you would have worn to the BAFTAs embracing the sustainability theme. I would have rented this Stella McCartney halterneck gown from My Wardrobe HQ or this silk gown from.

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