7 Fashion Trends for 2020 and Ethical Alternatives

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1. Statement SleevesReformation is a great place to find dresses and tops that have dramatic sleeves.

Check Gambino Dress

Gambino Dress

2. Tropical PrintsTonle has a collection of fern print clothing that comes in a variety of colors and styles (my favorite is the cream fern jumpsuit) all under $100.

romper - mauve with ferns

Romper with Ferns 

3. Polka Dots-I love this trend and have already found new and old polka dot pieces to add to my wardrobe. For me, this is a print that never goes out of style. Amour Vert‘s spring collection has multiple polka dot tops.

Rosenda Blouse

4. Vest-This is by far my favorite 2020 trend and I am so glad to have kept a tuxedo vest I bought over ten years ago. One of the best places to find vests (look in the boy’s section too) is ThredUp. A search for “tuxedo vest” in the women’s section produced over 500 results. Leave your vest open for an even more stylish look.


5. Crochet- What goes around always comes back again. The best place to find crochet pieces is going to be your local thrift store. You just might have to dig or make a few alterations so that you don’t look like you are wearing a costume.

6. Oversize blazers and Trench Coats– Your local thrift should be your first stop in trying to find an oversized blazer or trench coat. Look at the men’s section as well as the women’s. If you can’t find what you are looking for or want an investment piece, then try The RealReal. The site has blazers and trench coats from designers such as Burberry, Current/Elliott, Prada, and more.

Current/Elliott Trench Coat

7. Baguette Bags-This is a trend I will not be embracing but since it has come back around you can easily find baguette bags on sites such as Poshmark or eBay. You might even be able to score an original Fendi version if you are lucky or inclined to add that luxury piece to your wardrobe.

Amour Vert (Green Love)


My passion for fashion is always reignited by two themes: beautifully made ethical apparel and French inspired fashion. Amour Vert is one of my favorite brands because it blends both themes into gorgeous clothing that isn’t unattainably priced.

Amour Vert makes investment pieces that will last for years. They use organic cotton grown in Texas as well as other sustainable materials such as tencel. Amour Vert also ethically makes most of their clothing in the good ole’ USA. Bonus, when you buy a tee from the company, they plant a tree in North America.


My favorite purchase from Amour Vert was this navy ribbed dress I found on sale for less than $40. You can purchase an even cuter version, with buttons, here.                             (Sorry the photo is so bright and if you look closely you will see the hottest guy ever.)

I love the quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece and the sophisticated patterns used throughout their collections. I appreciate that the brand has a wide variety of striped tops, making it easy to maintain my francophile nature.

Amour Vert has a “good” score on Good on You and is loved by celebrities and fashion editors alike. Some of the pieces I am currently eyeing and wanting to add to my closet are below.

1. Odessa Cupro Dress

2. Issa Raglan Top

3. Cecilia Tee 

4. Harpa Blouse

5. Carrington Blouse

When We Know Better


This year’s BAFTAs were all about sustainability, from how people were encouraged to travel to the event to most importantly….how they dressed. Attendees were given a sustainable fashion guide from the London College of Fashion that had tips and a list of brands to shop. They were also encouraged to wear something they had already worn before. (Something we peons know a thing or two about.)

Only a handful of celebrities embraced the challenge, most notably Kate Middleton who re-wore a dress a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress. Celebrities that have access to beautiful vintage pieces and luxury designers that are making eco and ethical strides opted for “standard” couture and runway collections. Celebrities that have a giant platform simply through the way the dress chose to go with the “status quo.” Rebel Wilson even made a joke about the theme in her albeit very funny speech.

Image result for kate middleton bafta 2020

I am not going to deny that I am disappointed by the nonexistent or lackadaisical efforts made by celebrities that frequently tout the importance of making better decisions for the sake of the environment. Never mind the hypocrisy and sheer waste of the industry. I am simply saddened that we (people that talk about the outfits the next day/week casually at the office etc…) were robbed of the wonderful discussion that sustainable fashion is just as kick-ass or better than “regular” clothing.

However, I don’t think the masses rely on celebrities to dictate their purchasing decisions. I know that real change comes from people all over the globe making smarter choices about what they buy and wear (again and again.) Just because celebrity name did not rise to the challenge of being more sustainable certainly does not mean that we can’t either. There are numerous brands that are adopting more sustainable and ethical practices/policies in how they make their clothing as well as countless ways to re-style our current wardrobe.

I challenge you to show these celebrities how it is done and start dressing in a more sustainable way. Start small and make better choices that you know you can maintain for the long haul. Maybe it is repurposing items, shopping secondhand, buying less, and/or purchasing something sustainable and ethical when you need that new item in your wardrobe.

I also want you to look over the guide shared earlier and let me know what you would have worn to the BAFTAs embracing the sustainability theme. I would have rented this Stella McCartney halterneck gown from My Wardrobe HQ or this silk gown from.

Sweater Weather


I am no fan of the cold, which is one of the reasons why I moved to Texas many years ago. However, there is one thing I do enjoy about the winter months…. chunky sweaters. Chunky sweaters are like a cozy blanket. Chunky soft sweaters that feel like a warm embrace from a beautiful fuzzy creature. Thankfully, there are a lot of ethical options when sweater shopping this winter. My Christmas present from my husband was this cotton-wool blend sweater from Pact Apparel.  (Grab it on sale in grey.)


I think the rust color suits my warm hair. This blended sweater is fantastic at keeping me warm (but not itchy) and works well alone on those days when it is a more mild temperature.

I also have my ojos on this gorgeous sweater through ThredUp with buttons on the back.


Here are just a few more sweaters to officially make you a sweater loving convert.

FW19-PDP-EDIT-096_800xSezane Alfred JumperT1231906-Oatmeal-1-P

  1. Tradlands Fisher Sweater in Quail
  2. Sezane Alfred Jumper
  3. Toad & Co Bianca Sweater

Already a pullover sweater enthusiast? (Cardigans are another love song for another day) Then share a sweet narration or pic of your favorite sweater in the comments!

Better(ish) Beauty That is Affordable and Convenient


(Update: This week 100% of the profits  from their coconut line will go towards WIRES Wildlife Rescue in Australia.)

I have been using Pacifica Beauty for years and my sensitive eyes are quite fond of their mascaras. In the past, I used one of their CC creams but the hue was a little darker than necessary for my pale skin. I know they have a (somewhat) new foundation line (Alight Clean) with 30 shades to choose from but I have yet to give it a try. However, I do like to spice up my makeup look from time to time with the Multi-High Light which I find easy to use even though I am not very makeup savvy.

My familiarity with Pacifica Beauty is more with their skincare and body products.  I have used a variety of their products (from face masks to underarm wipes) and not been dissatisfied with anything. The Wake Up Beautiful Mask, which can take the place of your night cream since you don’t wipe it off, is definitely my favorite and I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel. I appreciate that their products feature naturally derived ingredients and are cruelty free.

Image result for wake up beautiful mask"

My biggest concern with Pacifica Beauty is the lack of information shared about the sourcing of their ingredients and the manufacturing of their products. This line is the extent of details provided, “Made in the USA with the best globally sourced ingredients.” When asked for more information, I was told that they do not work with any factories/farms that use child labor. I did not get any additional information about wages for the adults that grow/source their ingredients.

I also wish that they did not use so much plastic in their packaging or that more of their products were made from recycled plastic. However, Pacifica Beauty does offer a recycling program where you can send your empty and rinsed out products to the company for free.

Pacifica Beauty can be found at Target and Ulta as well as purchased online.