Better(ish) Beauty That is Affordable and Convenient


(Update: This week 100% of the profits  from their coconut line will go towards WIRES Wildlife Rescue in Australia.)

I have been using Pacifica Beauty for years and my sensitive eyes are quite fond of their mascaras. In the past, I used one of their CC creams but the hue was a little darker than necessary for my pale skin. I know they have a (somewhat) new foundation line (Alight Clean) with 30 shades to choose from but I have yet to give it a try. However, I do like to spice up my makeup look from time to time with the Multi-High Light which I find easy to use even though I am not very makeup savvy.

My familiarity with Pacifica Beauty is more with their skincare and body products.  I have used a variety of their products (from face masks to underarm wipes) and not been dissatisfied with anything. The Wake Up Beautiful Mask, which can take the place of your night cream since you don’t wipe it off, is definitely my favorite and I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel. I appreciate that their products feature naturally derived ingredients and are cruelty free.

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My biggest concern with Pacifica Beauty is the lack of information shared about the sourcing of their ingredients and the manufacturing of their products. This line is the extent of details provided, “Made in the USA with the best globally sourced ingredients.” When asked for more information, I was told that they do not work with any factories/farms that use child labor. I did not get any additional information about wages for the adults that grow/source their ingredients.

I also wish that they did not use so much plastic in their packaging or that more of their products were made from recycled plastic. However, Pacifica Beauty does offer a recycling program where you can send your empty and rinsed out products to the company for free.

Pacifica Beauty can be found at Target and Ulta as well as purchased online.